Duskytech expertise in driving growth increasing your market share, and improving organisational operation effectiveness for long run. If your business need self-motivated, highly-experienced group of business consultants with familiarity of a broad range of business models – You came to the right place. We give flexible, cost-effective and independent business consultancy services. These help our clients to think differently, and to focus on the areas of growth. We have worked productively for clients locally and internationally – including commercial businesses, schools, universities, colleges, social enterprises and NPO (Non Profit Organization). (Work done for (NPO) is often on modifying administration, income making and business planning –discounted rates often available).

Our Motto in business development services is “Business without a plan is Business planning to fail”. Our business development division focuses resources to support the development of markets for Business Development Services, mainly through the capacity building of intermediary service delivers but also through research and development of how markets work. Over the years DuskyTech has developed substantial knowledge, trustworthiness, networks, tools and experiences that can assist governments, employers, workers and other development practices in their work. We at DuskyTech tend to develop long term values for organization through permanent customers, markets and relationships. Amidst of all relationships and communications with our clientele we are highly focused on creating business opportunities for their to grow. These services regarding business planning are available to small scale and medium scale businesses with relatively more cost effectiveness.

Business Plans:

Drive organisational effectiveness. Made to be reviewed regularly–to keep performance updated. Are tailored for clients need–these plans not only relate to local and international markets. Provide clarity on where to focus resources, when and how – ensuring that operational budgets are well-spent and generate Return on Investment. Harness diagnostic and planning tools which will challenge your thinking and place emphasis on what’s important to your business. Business plan market Expound the actual teachings. of the great explorer of the truth, the master-builder of No one rejects, dislikes, or human happiness.

Why Hire us?

Hiring a consultant is relatively easy to get things done when you are short of head count. Consultants are never your employees making them more effective for your organization.

What do we bring?

We bring change in the organization much more abruptly that most of the time management is reluctant to make.

What do we do?

Implementation of the best practices in an organization. Why hire separate team to design and implement best practices while consultants had already done that on various clients

What do we deliver?

Delivering you to creativity that your business require and is lacking in that manner. Pinpointing smallest details about your ongoing business approach.s

Good Business Plan:

Clarity on business purpose and this is communicated to customers, stakeholders and customers.

Project future impacts.

Setting clear objectives and monitor business performances.

Consultants can noticeably be costly, and you need to cautiously evaluate the costs and benefits. Only you know the particular needs of your midsized firm, but probability are that a consultant can help turn those needs into highly favourable solutions.

Having a strong online presence is a critical component of a business’s marketing strategy, it is regardless of the fact that either your business is small scale or large scale. An online presence is crucial for outbound marketing as it strengthens your brand image in market places that needs to be targeted. Dawn of this new era had started businesses to adapt new technologies and implementing those policies in their business model that is a key difference between thriving and surviving. In DuskyTech we ensure that your business gets what it need right now according to your business’s requirement.

Web Development:

A company comprised of experienced professional individuals who are experts in their relevant field of services, DuskyTech constantly strive to give custom made solutions, through wide array of thinking modules, for our valued clients. A responsive attribute provided by our company that compliments what your business needs in long run. Our web craft masters deal in building online solutions which are best suited for your target audience.

Digital Designs:

Using various UI/UX designers team creative input is placed in your brand to mark the milestone for your business to have an impact on society. “Creativity, Right Theme and Right Place” is slogan for our digital design team with ingenious efforts to produce something spectacular for campaigns.

DuskyTech offers wide variety of services to our clients regarding enterprise resource planner systems. Such systems are designed in a way that these products produce increased ROI for our clients. On top of that we provide our clients with licensing, support, implementation, training and further more quality assurance for the technology that we offer. We develop software according to requirement of our esteemed clients.


Software Development:

DuskyTech provides tailored softwares and applications development services. Our skilled team of technically sound experts have profound experience in usage and end user interface, latest techniques, and compact software for management modules. These merits allows us to drive application development projects efficiently and effectively throughout the development phase of an organization. We have teams of top professionals to develop tailored software and additions for major ERPs in various sectors of economies. Some of our add-ons include: Human Capital Management and Payroll System integration Letter of Credit System integration Herd Management System Textile Costing System

Digital Marketing:

Perfection is the key in DuskyTech we like to turn the tide for brands detailing out each and every aspect that will be required to nurture the brand in womb of this competitive digital marketing era. We grow them using platform they are already operating on. It helps businesses to get their outreach to customers more effectively as well as inbound interactions. We help your business grow by consolidating and streamlining the marketing strategy that is in place.

Social Media:

What is required for you? What is best suited for you? How your business will grow? What to post? How to Post? When to Post? Where to Post? All these questions are answered by our social media team who are dedicated to work their way around global trends. Talk about perfect campaign that will help your business to have a boost that is required. “Distinctive art work, best content, better results” are the motto of our social media team. We make sure that your precious money is not wasted on haphazard promotions placing bids on big data at social media platforms is the key investment opportunity.


You want to go global SEO team work their way around this approach to make your business place its effectiveness in global outreaches. Billions of internet users need to have access to information which had to be reached far and wide across the globe. SEO team works with motto of “Going Global is Going Good” placing your brand on top with such elegance that it present itself wayward.


DuskyTech skilled engineering staff equipped with top class equipment and process designs, put forward final design expertise and ensure that the client’s organizational structures remain free of costly errors and redesigning needs. Employing high-level designs which are appropriate for any type of Network Structural Design Service, our engineers develop a full scale engineering package with proper documentation on system configuration. Partnering with DuskyTech for complete network design enable clients to take merits of the resources accessible in the industry and attain a complete design solution. We produce creativity by deploying best and relevant practices in the field, our services are best suited for the following:

Network Design

Real Application Cluster Email Set up and Support Infrastructure Design (For Hardware) Intrusion Testing Security